Size Range of silicon carbide F4-F220

Size Range of silicon carbide F4-F220

Silicon carbide is produced in electrical internal resistance furnaces from high purity silica sands and petroleum coke,its combination of being very hard and sharp makes it a very aggressive abrasive.When produce green silicon carbide,will add industrial salt in it.

Purity and Size are the both main properties of silicon carbide,then what about the size range of silicon carbide F4-F220,now list for your reference as follows:

Grit Size range(um) Grit Size Range(um)
F4 5600-4750 F36 600-500
F5 4750-4000 F40 500-425
F6 4000-3350 F46 425-355
F7 3350-2800 F54 355-300
F8 2800-2360 F60 300-250
F10 2360-2000 F70 250-212
F12 2000-1700 F80 212-180
F14 1700-1400 F90 180-150
F16 1400-1180 F100 150-125
F20 1180-1000 F120 125-106
F22 1000-850 F150 106-75
F24 850-710 F180 90-63
F30 710-600 F220 75-53

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